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    book 1: break up with asami
    book 2: break up with korra
    book 3: break up with scarf
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    Zuko: I can't believe a year ago my purpose in life was hunting you down, and now...

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    classic disney week; day 7 - free day

    beautiful scenery  (1937-1967)

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                               ❁ We’re Painting the Roses Red ❁

                                   ❁ We’re Painting the Roses Red

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Kataang. *sobs quietly*


    Kataang. *sobs quietly*

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you never know when the desire to draw Luna Lovegood is gonna hit you… but it’s useless to fight it.


    you never know when the desire to draw Luna Lovegood is gonna hit you… but it’s useless to fight it.

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magic sleepover


    magic sleepover

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    ouat positivity week - day 6 | disney day 

    Beauty and the Beast

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    "The school bully wanted to pummel me every day after school. I would walk home, and he would wait for me. He would come out from behind a corner and — just like in some old movie — he would start beating on me. One day he came after me, and I said, ‘Stop! I will draw you a picture of Darth Vader if you leave me alone.’

    "And he had his fist cocked, and he said, ‘Really?’

    "And I said, ‘Yeah, and it’ll be GOOD. I promise.’"

    Lilo & Stitch and How to Train Your Dragon writer/director Dean DeBlois on when he began to suspect he might have a future in art

    (Quote via the AMAZING 2+ hour documentary, The Making of Lilo & Stitch, included on the 2 DVD version of Lilo & Stitch: Big Wave Edition DVD — currently just $9.98 on Amazon!)

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    Toph's Statues.

Thirteenbookcoverscarf Woman of the Otherworld
Hey Arnold!
I'm a dork on the dark side which may be a bad combination. You shall hear my evil laughter which comes out awkwardly high pitched from around the world. My screams are even louder. I tend to scream when people excite me. I don't like following trends. I go to the mall and if I like what I see I'll buy it. I'm into knee highs, fedoras, huge artistic earrings and interesting looking shoes from high heels to combat boots. Happy singing people are my only known fear. I adore half-demons, werewolves, aliens and boss vampires such as Cassandra DuCharme. I'm obsessed with The Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. Strongly ship Hope & Karl! I also have a lot of feels for Jeremy & Jaime, Eve & Kristof, Clay & Elena... and basically all couples in that series really. Hope and Karl will forever be my otp for the WotO series ever since Hope attempted to arrest Karl in a janitor's closet and he still can't stop hitting on her or risking his life to save hers, the egotistical bastard he is. After that, It's hard to place my ships in any order. Fighting for the third spot on my overall list are Jeremy & Jaime, Arnold & Helga and Tokka. I am officially crazed with A:TLA & LOK. My friends and I once waterbended with a sprinkler and firebended with a can of lysol. Toph is a bamf btw. KP & Ron(seasons 1 through 3 only, I have my reasons) will forever be my number one one one one one OTP. I have their life rewritten from the moment season three ends, they start falling for eachother so hard they can't stand it, it ends up coming out, they have their prom moment and up until their daughter is in high school. I have a solar system in my room which is my ceiling. Every single planet has at least one alien except for Mars & Mercury. Mars has a martian and Mercury has a spoon. I was a dedicated The-N user for almost four years. I find fun in scaring the crap out of people. Frogger is the greatest video game ever. Nightly cereal and 90's-02' cartoons are a nightly ritual for me. I was Charlotte from Making Fiends the Halloween of 2009. I got honked at and a thumbs up for putting on one of her performances. I'm big on dancing especially in the rain. My favorite dance to do in the rain is the Time Warp. I always dance in the rain with my bff Peggy though, never without her. I may love that dance but really, I hate musicals. Too much singing & happy people. I love R&B. Artists that put all their soul into their music produce the most spectacular songs. The R&B I listen to always rotates around the Love King, the Queen B and the two ghetto diva princesses. I. LOVE. THE-DREAM. It's an obsession really. Do yourself a favor and check out his discography. You might have heard bits and pieces of his amazing talents. His music is out of this world! I never am able to place him among other artists. I swear, God must have put all musical talents inside this one man. Beyonce will always be at the core of R&B music for me. The strength of her voice astounds me. Ciara inspires so many of my dance moves and why I work out so hard. Ashanti's unique vocal cords are irresistible to sing along to and I love how she dominates the old school R&B. I am also quite fond of Keyshia Cole, Monica, Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige & Jazmine Sullivan. They redefine class and Jaz is such a badass, I love her! I love snow days not necessarily because we get to miss school but because of the actual snow. Grammatical errors irk me. My dream future career would be in animation/story board for the next big Disney movie. I'm currently making a painting and LOVING how it's coming out. It looks like a mystical forest. My favorite word is mystic. I hope one day my creative story telling abilities will be substantial enough to add to Disney's amazing plot lines. This generation is crazy. I'm worried of what people will think in later generations. I love hats and have over 100(I counted). One of my best friends dwells in her anti-social bubble reading about unicorns and dragons and needs to be kidnapped in order to hang out with her. The table and the door are married. She called the door in the middle of the night asking him to marry her and he said yes. Their relationship seems to have reached a lot of complications since, but it somehow survives. I've become very close with the door; so close in fact, that everywhere we go, people seem to think we are dating. He's immensely awesome. What's more awesome than some who listens to Korean hip-hop, meows on occasion and gets stalked by squirrels? I mean seriously. He also has the most amazing laugh you'll ever hear. I haven't hung out with the refrigerator in a while. I miss him. Another best friend of mine is someone who'll have your back, makes a great person to party with or just hang with, and provides the comic relief when you need it the most. Who also increases your self esteem tons. You'll tend to walk in with her on the floor, dying of laughter. If not, I'll be there to fill her spot. My favorite villain will forever be Hades. I name my socks... well my knee-highs. Left one is Ludwig Van Sockington III & right one's Henry Van Sockington IV. I have an obsession with that name; Henry.